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Content Management System

Content is at the core of the existence and successful attraction of traffic to websites. Live Pages has content developers who are capable of creating and managing content for corporate, product / services centric websites.

Live Pages Content Management System (CMS)

In this fast-paced world, time is money; the time spent on every corporate chore is directly proportional to the amount of money that you would be able to make. Hence, the potential of content management solutions has not gone unnoticed. More and more internet marketers and multi-national-corporations are embracing the CMS tool to promote their products for ease of instantaneous information, networking, future business, and success. These websites, having incorporated online application development, are serving as the second face of the business at large.

Live Pages user interface is intuitive and task-oriented, providing content authors with the appropriate tools for their job. We use both open-source and languages such as PHP, WordPress, Django, Magento,Joomla, Contao and some other popular commercial tools, like ASP.NET.

The CMS features that we provide are basically as follows:

  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Easy user and group management
  • Full template support, for unlimited looks without changing a line of content
  • Modular and extensible
  • Content hierarchy with unlimited depth and size
  • Minimal server requirements
  • Integrated audit log
  • Integrated file manager w/ upload capabilities
  • Group-based permission system
  • Admin panel with multiple language support
  • Integrated and online help
  • Friendly support in forums and irc
  • Small footprint
  • Easy wizard based install and upgrade procedures

Live Pages delivers effective content management solutions at your fingertips...

In the language of web function, CMS (Content Management System) is used for organizing web content, which involves adding new content, editing the existing one and so on. In general terms, it is a back-end classification for editing and forming documents.

CMS is the latest and most recent technology in Web World. It helps in systematizing, classifying, and arranging of information resources like the various texts and important credentials so that they are stockpiled, published, and edited easily and effortlessly. A content management system is put into use when there is a need to gather, control, and print content, whilst sustaining vibrant connections between components.

Another chief benefit of CMS is Workflow Management, which helps you to scrutinize, regulate, and continue the website development through the formation and distribution of tasks to experts like PHP programmers and content developers.

Content Storage is another important feature that lends a hand in organizing the content sagaciously, clearly and accessibly. A majority of CMS use relational records, which helps you to store all the content at one place and in a dependable manner.

Choose the right solution to manage structured and unstructured data across your enterprise with ease and flexibility. Our talented team of expert PHP programmers and web designers has accumulated tons of experience with the most popular CMS frameworks, eCommerce systems, and UI libraries that will take your business to new heights. These experts create for you designs that feature:

  • ASK FOR QUOTEAuto-generated menu
  • Designs protected from content editors
  • XHTML and CSS compliance
  • Accessibility WAI, WCGA, Section 508
  • Different theme for every page
  • Multiple content areas on one page

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Today, many organizations are adopting content management systems to manage the content of their sites with extended flexibility and reduced costs. With plenty of CMS options to choose from at Live Pages, it is important to qualify the list and select the one that perfectly suits your business requirements.

As the PHP developer India leader, we are popular with programmers because our CMS features:

  • Ability for programming simple PHP coded plugins from admin
  • Unlimited expandability due to a rich module API
  • GPL'd source code
  • Smarty for templates
  • Events system
  • ADODB Lite (or ADODB) for database abstraction
  • Full API documentation
  • Intelligent caching mechanism for acquiring only the necessary info from the database

Dot Net Nuke - DNN

DNN is really making its mark as it is leveraging the .Net and SQL server of Microsoft. An excellent content management system ensures that there is no need for any new software to be installed on your system and there is no requirement to learn any coding languages.

The new CMS should permit you to alter the fonts, images and layouts at your own free will whenever required. CMS helps you to save a lot of money and time. There is simply no need of doing your work twice, as the system enables you to manage the content in an efficient manner.

The Content management system allows the people who are not so technically sound to plan, gear up the speed and also supervise the procedure of moving the material to the fabrication atmosphere.

On the whole, a CMS will facilitate your activities and assist you in managing your content, thus making it further more usable for you and your organization. Consequently, but significantly, a high-quality Content Management System will be quick, safe and sound, trouble-free and extremely easy to use.

Content management system made through DNN i.e. DotNet Nuke, which is an open source ASP.Net, can provide lots of advantages. Some of the advantages offered by DNN are as follows:

  • Lowers down the cost of website maintenance
  • Reduces the burden
  • Can be customized fully as per user requirement
  • Even non technical audience can use it easily.
  • Besides these are number of advantages DNN has to offer.

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