Complete website solutions with our advanced web consultancy services, offering most innovative ideas in website designing and maintenance.

Web Consulting

A beginner in website ownership has much to worry about, but the advanced web consultancy services of Live Pages complete your website solutions by providing you with the industry's most innovative ideas in website designing, development and maintenance.

Web Development Entails A Myriad Of Confusing Processes. Use Live Pages To Find Your Way In This Maze

Did you know that the first and simplest step in developing a website is web consulting?

For how long now have you been planning to build your website but you are still stuck at the idea stage?

Many a times, you come across people whose greatest business need is getting a website, but they have no idea where to begin. Maybe you fall in this category. Well, fret not because you have found your solution with Live Pages.

Live Pages offers free advice on every aspect of the best web design practices. We have 10 years of experience in web consulting services that have helped our clients succeed in achieving their online business goals. We put the expectations and needs of our clients foremost, working side by side with them to give satisfaction beyond expectations.

We have a goal-oriented team of experienced and professional internet consultancy specialists, who are always happy to answer all your web-based requirements. These include goal setting, target audience definition, layout designing, marketing strategies, search engine optimization, Content Management Systems (CMS), usability, copywriting and testing.

At Live Pages, we share our workable step-by-step solutions with our clients while divulging all our knowledge pertaining to bringing traffic to a website, keeping contact with our clients' customers and increasing their sales. Our team discusses your requirements with you, giving clarification of the scope of the web development project you wish to undertake and guidance on how to meet the requirements.

With us, you do not have to suit-up in order meet with our experts for advice. Live Pages is a web design consultancy that can offer you informal advice right from your office through email or phone. If need be, we arrange for a meeting through a convenient platform (web-based or physical) to discuss your project and give you detailed information.

If you want to set up a web design business, you are at the right place for a step-by-step guide. Live Pages provides our clients with initial consultancy and follow-up meetings with the industry's most competent web designers, developers and internet marketers to answer all their questions. Feel free to contact us for free estimates via +91-22-2877 0067 (INDIA).

Our Search Engine Consultants can now assist you with Content Writing and Google Sitemaps for your website. Also ask about our Website Linking Services!

  • Higher Quality. Lower Cost.
  • Professional website design & development;
  • Maintain & update existing web sites;
  • E-commerce/online store development;
  • Custom Web Applications;
  • Hosting and support;
  • Easy-to-use content management tools.

Enhancing business through website

From Start to Finish

The potential of the web to generate business and build credibility is huge. Where do you start?

Web Consulting

We can help! Building your own website is a lot like being general contractor during construction of a new building- you have to find the right professionals and coordinate the different parts of the work they each need to complete.

An effective website requires a clear definition of goals, comprehensive planning, and expert execution. These requirements cover a wide range of skill sets, you might have an excellent designer who is unable to get your site ranked well on the search engines. You may have great site traffic, but you aren't getting many sales. We can help.

Right Click Web Services focuses on the big picture and helps you map a strategy to achieve your web site goals.

Our consulting includes goal setting, target audience definition, marketing strategies, usability testing, copywriting, and search engine optimization.

For sites that have not yet been built or are ready to undergo a transformation, we offer comprehensive information architecture planning.

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