The growing competition has led to an urgent need to promote businesses and even the most essential of services. Live Pages has a marketing solution that truly sells.

Email Marketing

A business that employs the best email marketing campaigns enjoys an easy time effectively connecting with its customers. Live Pages is undoubtedly the best e-mail solutions provider in India.

Live Pages Email Campaign Features

You have products and services to sell but none of your mailing marketing strategies will bear fruit until you try targeted e-mail solutions. Direct mailers are rapidly being replaced by these email marketing methods. If you are still spending valuable money and time in print marketing campaigns, you need to wise up and start reaping untold benefits through email campaign.

This is one of the most direct and powerful internet marketing strategies today, with a reach of millions of potentially willing buyers. At Live Pages, we create a combination of email campaigns with social networking marketing, giving you access to diversely beneficial contact management, email creation, sending and reporting features.

1. Email creation features

  • Email setup wizard
  • Basic formatting
  • Creation of HTML messages, plain text messages and messages from templates
  • HTML source code viewing
  • Auto response, surveys and web forms creation
  • Email footer, images and hyperlinks adding
  • Image hosting
  • Overall preview of product viewing

2. Contact management features:

  • Custom demographic fields
  • Automatic detection of duplicate emails
  • Importation of mailing list
  • Group email function
  • Removal of unsubscribed contacts
  • Opt-in requirement

3. Email sending features:

  • Creation of email aliases
  • Email job scheduling
  • Test email and SPAM test

4. Email reporting features:

  • Delivery reports
  • Bounced, forwarded and opened emails viewing
  • Click-through tracking
  • Social media integration
  • Comparing, exporting or downloading message reports

Why You Should Not Be Left Behind in the Email Marketing Hype

Our services give you the freedom to announce product launches, send invitations, post newsletters, build online communities, organize events and email brand-building promotional materials to targeted prospects without the risk of spamming. We give you the ability to run a complete marketing campaign on just one web interface, bringing you benefits like:

  • Easier message sharing through social networking buttons such as Tweet and Like
  • Instantly being able to see those opening your emails, and the links they are clicking on.
  • Seeing the number of subscribers who forward your emails to others.
  • Seeing the number of email addresses that bounce your emails, as well as the number of people who unsubscribe from your emails.

Email campaigns are simple. You can create yours simply by customizing a template with a user-friendly interface, adding a list of targeted companies or individuals to a database and using bar graphs and pie charts to see the efficacy of your emails. For higher efficiency, you need campaign tools and products that give you flexibility to modify your marketing message designs to reflect your company's brand or image. The right tools are easy to use, saving time spent on online chats with tech support to forge stable relationships with your customers.

This is what Live Pages brings you. In a matter of minutes, you are able to type your promotional message, upload images, manipulate the display of the text, add a social network share bar and links and do much more. We provide you with professional tools for creating event emails like newsletters and customer surveys, user manuals and tutorials. Our email marketing services enable you to quickly identify the most effective marketing tools in enhancing your reach.

Where Do You Go From Here?

We have a track record of enhancing our clients' sales by up to 1000% in the 10 years we have been in business, by simply sending HTML mailer to their lists of targeted individuals and companies. We inform the world on everything you are up to with a single click. We also teach you how to send out ads effectively and worry-free.

Live Pages email marketing company Mumbai, India gives you an easy-to-use and highly effective web-based email program at a ridiculously low cost. Switch to our email marketing services now and you will wonder what you ever saw in the ineffective direct-mail-by-post promotional strategies.

Development Duration: 7-10 days Platforms Coding in ASP - NT web server Database MSSQL


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