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The growing competition has led to an urgent need to promote businesses and even the most essential of services.

Web Hosting (Window/Linux)

Live Pages answers your questions about web hosting to make you believe we are the ones on who you can trust your online business.

What Use Is a Website if it is Down Half the Time?

We at Live Pages provide reliable web hosting services 24x7 where we make you available to your customers giving you more business each day. Give you a 99% up time using our dedicated web hosting servers. Live pages offers one of the best web hosting services across Mumbai and globally at affordable rates.

What if we have a melt down?

When selecting a web hosting company one must be sure if their website that holds valuable data from various client networks globally is secure. We at Live Pages, a web hosting company in Mumbai provide backups of this priceless information in different locations worldwide. Our main data center is located in the United States. Our dedicated web hosting team uses high end hosting servers' namely a Florida-based Linux server and our latest addition of the Denver-based Windows server.

Reduced loading time

Our US based data center provides abundant storage space, which enables unfaltering connectivity and an extremely fast speed thus, reducing your website loading and wait time to negligible.

Why us?

  • Our helping hand: Server management
    We at Live Pages have chosen a proficient team competent as the top web hosting companies globally who provide knowledgeable and efficient technical customer support for hosting and maintaining your website. Our web hosting company provides technical support through online and offline care centers. We ensure your site operates at peak traffic hours ensuring business growth with our best web hosting services through our multiple servers and off shore backup systems.
  • Performance evaluation and traffic management:
    Our web hosting company uses various real time algorithms to balance the traffic and use alternative routes during down times keeping your site operation smooth and uninterrupted.
  • Our services
    We at Live Pages provide the best web hosting services making your interaction with us worthwhile. We make it our self instated motto to bring a smile to the faces of our customers with hard work and our ever evolving technology.
  • Security
    Apart from keeping offshore data backups we at Live Pages a reliable web hosting company ensures your website is protected from every malicious attack and always up and running. Being one of the top web hosting companies in India we at live pages strive to give you a new level of reliability and security.

Which web hosting do you need?

The biggest fear of not knowing how to decide amongst the multiple available options, do you need a web hosting service? If yes what type of service and plan should you chose? Depending on the type of business need you have, our team of developers have devised plans to fit your data centric needs.

Shared Web Hosting

A push for the less affordable businesses and creative minds who wish to upload their products and contents on to the web, we bring to you shared web hosting which is an affordable way to host small websites which do not expect over flowing traffic.

Shared web hosting is not different from web hosting the only difference is the number of people that use the resources of one server thus giving it the name "shared". With your personalized account with fixed disk space and web based account administration interface even the newest of users can master within days.

Dedicated Web Hosting

If your website demands higher bandwidth with tremendous speed and less network traffic you can opt for a dedicated web hosting service where your server resources are for your site exclusively. We recommend dedicated hosting for sites that expect more than 15000 visitors a day like huge gaming sites or job portals.

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Clients Speaks
We are delighted to have our website up and running and most importantly we are totally a satisfied customer. We found it very easy to work with your team, they are very responsive and work quickly to achieve excellent results.
Manoj Pillai - Metcem Limited. | Know more
We in Mawj Training been working with Live Pages Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Since 2010.we have selected them over a large number of solution providers because of their excellent products and innovated solutions. They provided us with very good continues support.
Khaled Almobarak - Mawj Training & Consulting | Know more