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We Stand Our Grounds

Live Pages, a search engine marketing company in India was founded on the grounds of search Engine marketing and has been delivering since the past decade making it one of the top and affordable search engine marketing companies in Mumbai. Our team guides you through our experience and knowledge in your first steps to achieve an audience to your website on the ever swarming network called internet.

In the race to achieve top rankings in every relevant search makes web marketing essential for increase business these days. We at Live Pages, a search engine marketing company provide superior pay per click services in India and globally.

The first step

To run in today's growing online business markets the most important step is the web site itself. Having a good looking website is of no importance if the customers never find you on time. We at Live Pages, a search engine marketing company are recognized for making you visible to the customers.

What we offer

  • Analysis of audience - Keyword Analysis
    The main process of providing web marketing services is recognizing the audience that are targeted and then devising ways to make your website visible and available to them this can be achieved through use of PPC services where detailed analysis of keywords that are most used to search for web sites of the same relevance. This tedious task takes time and effort but we at Live Pages, a search engine marketing company make it our maxim to achieving perfect results.
  • Campaign Optimization
    After recognizing the most relevant keywords for your campaign, we create quality ads that are shown when a keyword relevant to your business is searched for. Your ad will be shown only for a relevant search query which makes sure that there are no irrelevant clicks on your advertisement which saves your money. Ad copies made by us are keyword rich and enticing enough for a prospective client to click on it.

Pay per click services

  • Advertising to directly reach your audience
    Today search engines like Google, AOL, Bing, and Yahoo are the driving force of web marketing which has made PPC campaign management a billion dollar business.
    Knowing the right keywords bid levels and management strategies is not amateur level work. We at Live Pages, a search engine marketing company have been a trusted name in search engine marketing services for over a decade. We make reaching new heights an easy climb for you using our expert PPC services and Adwords management. Our experts evaluate your business needs and patiently devise a campaign fit for your marketing needs. This requires back ground analysis and vigilant approach providing the right direction to your campaign with appropriate PPC services.
  • Beyond traffic
    The purpose of resource full PPC campaign management is not driving a lot of traffic to your website but driving the right and anticipated traffic towards your website. We at Live Pages, a search engine marketing company help you get to that next level through our expert PPC campaign management making your customers reach you and know what they are looking for thus boosting your ROI.

Adwords management

We move beyond just PPC services by offering Adwords management integrated with search engine optimization. Paying for clicks only by advertising on that website where the target audience probably will reach your website is more cost effective. Adwords management requires in depth analysis to zero in on the websites which are product relevant.

Why choose Livepages?
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Ad Copy Testing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Landing page design
Other Activities
  • Images Ads
  • Landing Page Consultation
  • Website Optimizer (If required)
  • Click Fraud Support
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Setup Consultation

Why us ?

We at Live Pages have a team 25 members who accumulate since the past ten years building our technical foundation and web presence through customer satisfaction with our search engine marketing services. We like staying on top of the game so we ensure you a move one step ahead each time using our PPC services by first getting to know you and your product, then through SEO site analysis along with Adwords management we build a strategy helping you get more clicks and pay less. Our name and recognition come from our customer centered approach we have developed over the time with interaction and transparency of our services.


To Explore the opportunities that SEM can offer your business, please contact us or call us in Mumbai, on +91 22 6725 0786

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Clients Speaks
We are delighted to have our website up and running and most importantly we are totally a satisfied customer. We found it very easy to work with your team, they are very responsive and work quickly to achieve excellent results.
Manoj Pillai - Metcem Limited. | Know more

"I am satisfied by Live Pages Infotech Pvt. Ltd. because I found its staff very skilled especially in web designing. I am very pleased with the services that were provided to me.

Marco Calderonik | Know more