Blockchain is a distributed record of transactions, linked together with secure protocols. The backbone of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, blockchain is the new trending technology companies are investing their resources to explore its applications.
LIVEPAGES is working to provide the clients with the most advanced and innovative solutions and help them see recourses for their needs. We are here to help you foresee solutions with new technologies such as blockchain that will revolutionize the way your business works.
Blockchain for your business:

Well, Blockchain can be used in both the financial and non-financial sectors. Apart from cryptocurrencies, blockchain can also be used for payments, trade financing, asset management, stakeholder verification, legal documents and smart contracts. The utilization of blockchain extends to supply chain and logistics, recruitment, healthcare, travel, legal, e-governance etc.

Our team at LIVEPAGES have a great deal of experience in programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby, Solidity and C++ primarily used for blockchain development. We also have a web development team that will help create an end to end applications using blockchain technology.

Why go for Blockchain?

The blockchain architecture is robust and can be replicated. Since data is distributed among multiple nodes, even after massive data loss, most of the nodes can operate in the chain.
It is decentralized, meaning it doesn’t require any kind of authority to approve the transactions. This helps Blockchain save a lot of transactional mid-procedure time, since data is validated by stakeholder.
Blockchain is secure, as a part of the process the parties involved are validated and certified. It is easier to trust on blockchain.
The structure of blockchain cannot be altered even with the addition of new blocks.
Blockchain uses shared information that helps reduce fraud.
Blockchain is transparent. All data in blockchains is visible to all participants, and any change in data is also viewable to all. The data being immutable, no one can alter data.

What LIVEPAGES has to offer

  • Escalating Blockchain Development

    The Blockchain is still in its developmental phase, with massive scope. We offer to introduce this decentralized and efficient technology in a business model for your firm to take a step ahead in technology.

  • Highly Qualified Team

    Our team of software developers composites of programming experts with astounding logical and language skills like Python, C++, Java, and web development with HTML/CSS to create blockchain based applications for your customers.

  • Customer-Centric Consultancy

    Our business consultants will help you design a solution that best suits your business needs.

  • Customized Modules

    Our application modules point to every little detail in design that suits your needs, modularizing will also help to make enhancements easy.

  • Agile Based Development

    We offer agile based project development so even while development if we explore our options, we can easily integrate it with the solution.

  • Transparency

    We believe in transparency, everything you need to know regarding your product, we will update you and help you understand your application better.

  • Timely Delivery

    Even if blockchain based applications are new in the market, we ensure we deliver you the best solution in the promised time frame, no excuses, no delays.

  • Maintenance Support

    We provide after launch maintenance and support for the project, we believe in providing the best experience to you and your customers.

  • Competitive Service Rates

    Our service costs are market competitive and budget friendly.

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