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Website maintenance keeps websites looking fresh, which results in more traffic and improved communication with your clients, members and even potential clients. Live Pages is unrivalled in website maintenance services Mumbai, India.

Are You Wishing For The Time And Expertise To Work On Your Website Constantly?

Live Pages is the expert in updating websites that are made with JavaScript, HTML, Flash, CSS, ASP and PHP. We have are known for not only building solid web maintenance plans in the websites we create, but also maintaining those we did not create. So, if your website needs some kind of fixing or could use a quick update, we are your instant solution.

Our Website Maintenance Services

Entrepreneurs, small businesses, marketers or organisations; name it. We are the providers of excellent web maintenance, as we are driven to get our clients to become winners. We keep your website looking fresh while helping you take charge and drive new business. Our range of maintenance services includes:

  • Regular maintenance and updates
  • Clean-up and maintenance of websites we didn't create
  • Performing website software upgrades and patches for software like Joomla and WordPress
  • Optimizing and resizing your website images, sometimes even applying special effects like rounded corners

You can easily access our maintenance services via email. All you have to do is inform us of the changes you desire, and our expert web developers promptly implement these changes within 48 hours. We provide you with a report of the changes we have done, including the links or URLs to enable you see where they have been applied.

We are a web designing company whose key focus is the satisfaction of our clients. We aim at exceeding your expectations in us for website maintenance, so you keep coming back to us for all your future update needs. We are always more than happy to fix any web-related problems that you have and when we cannot handle the project, we have honesty that you will find rare in the industry. We simply let you know if we are capable of helping or not, and recommend other reputable experts when we cannot.

Live Pages has an entire department that is dedicated to website maintenance service, with a team that is specially trained to give world-class customer service. The team boasts competence in WordPress and Joomla websites.

What Makes Us the Best

  • We can set up Maintenance Block accounts for you, which can stay unused for up to five years. These accounts ensure that only specific people are permitted to place orders with us for your maintenance work.
  • Website maintenance is an essential part of successful online trade, and we handle long-term maintenance well in spite of so many web design companies being incapable of this.
  • We have a practice of building from the ground up, hence keeping up an ongoing maintenance service.
  • There is always an expert to take care of emergency problems with your website.
  • We give you appealing fresh web content, while pulling off promotions and sales.
  • We save you valuable money and time, and thus stress.

Live Pages has taken all the hassle out of web maintenance. Our clients now spend nearly zero effort and time on maintenance, allowing them to focus entirely on their businesses. Our services are dependable, stress-free and worth your every dime.

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