Online audiences are empowered to make informed decision when it comes to consuming products and services. Before every purchase decision, they personally search the web and refer to social platforms for reading and viewing customer reviews on the brand. At this point, any negative piece of information can seriously hamper the brand or individuals reputation, leaving the consumer with a negative sentiment and seriously affecting sales and growth over a period of time.

This is where the Online Reputation Management professionals at LIVEPAGES step in. By effectively combining their search result and social media optimization expertise with creation of ‘Positive Sentiment’ content, we can effectually neutralize the damaging impact of negative sentiment across the targeted landscapes.

In the online space, your first impression should always be the best impression.

LIVEPAGES safeguards and protects your online reputation like no one, and for as long as you want.

Our ORM Services Features

  • Highly Vigilant ORM Executives
  • Effective ORM Tools
  • Ethical Practices- No fake reviews, OTT
  • Problem Solving Ability – Negotiations, Nullifying Issues, Spokes Person
  • Cyber Policing – Don’t Mess with Us, Strict Action
  • Blogging – Regular Technical/ Current Affair Content

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