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Payment Gateway

Internet connectivity has opened up many frontiers in the commercial arena. The needs of online merchants are ever evolving, and Live Pages designs online payment gateways that enable the quick management of transactions to meet these needs.

Your Website Is Operational But Have You Remembered To Install Transaction Management Systems?

The dynamism experienced in the e-commerce arena dictates that you have a fast online payment processing system to meet your ever-evolving needs. And yes, you are right; connecting a website to payment processing networks is a towering challenge for the technical resources and expertise of most online businessmen. This is where Live Pages' expertise comes in handy.

LPIPL Payment

Live Pages understands your needs and provides online payment services that accommodate a variety of payment modules and smart applications to manage all your transactions.

LPIPL Gateway Integration Service

An online business that caters for an international clientele cannot afford to hold back on any aspect of convenience as far as payments are concerned. Quick transactions are the best way to close lucrative deals and completely cut out competition. It is here that LPIPL partners your e-commerce venture with an application that is customized to meet your specific business needs.

As your payment services provider, we help authorize payments for your e-business. We also cover the payment specific needs of online retailers and the traditional, real-time brick and mortar business set-ups. Our point of sale terminals or online payment gateways not only protects credit card details, but also ensures regular upgrades on the payment processor.

You tell us what you require, and we deliver a suitable payment gateway installation. We provide payment gateway integration service for the following payment gateways:

And can install any other payment gateway as per client requirement.

Our portfolio of the successful payment gateway implementations we have had includes the following companies:

  • Sage Pay (formerly Protx)
  • Payseal (ICICI) payment gateway
  • AXIS (UTI Bank) Payment Gateway
  • CCAVENUE payment gateway
  • PayPal Pro
  • Google Checkout
  • First Atlantic Commerce (FAC)
  • Cardinal Commerce Certified payment module

What We Do

We are the online business endeavour partner who brings you a shopping cart that guarantees trust. We give you the security you need as well as the complex infrastructure that ensures quick, reliable and secure online transaction data transmission. What we offer is easy access to any shopping cart you prefer through the payment gateway of your choice.

We avail 24/7 online payment systems that feature numerous options for tailoring the gateway to your specific business model, from online to retail, mobile, mail and telephone order solutions. This is coupled with value-adding services to assist you in your business management and protection against fraud, which include:

  • Credit cards payments
  • E-check processing
  • Identity and check verification
  • Recurring payments
  • Payment tokenization
  • Fraud prevention and security solutions

Our payment gateways enable our clients to:

  • Make and receive payments via all major credit cards, signature debit cards, gift cards and eCheck.Net.
  • Access a personalized merchant interface on your website to monitor transactions, view account settings, configure account settings and generate payment reports.
  • Identify fraudulent transactions through ingrained fraud detecting tools.
  • Store sensitive data at a data centre and not on the personal computer.
  • Receive and make payments faster.
  • Access technical and account support via specially drafted user guides.

Live Pages gives you a browser-based, hosted solution that does not have the inconvenience of software installation and maintenance. Our team adheres to strict technical standards and consistently upgrades the highly reliable hosting service, as we aim at helping you benefit from a quality presence on the Internet and secure the clicks to sales turnover.

The LPIPL gateway comes with the promise of quicker offline and online payment systems online and offline.

Successfully implemented following payment gateways.

LPIPL partners your online business endeavor in enabling your to choose a shopping cart that comes with the guarantee of trust. We offer you access to all the preferred shopping carts via the chosen payment gateway. Our team adheres to strict technical standards and consistently upgrades the highly reliable hosting service.

Our aim is to help you secure the clicks to sales turnover as you also benefit from a quality presence on the Internet. The LPIPL payment gateway comes with the promise of quicker business transactions online and offline.

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