Hiring is a process that decides the fate of every venture. We not only help you with our advice on hiring dedicated resources but also provide our two cents on software asset management, another crucial aspect for every venture in this field. The state-of-the-art web consultancy service that we bring to the table also equips you with an extra edge.

Hire Dedicated Resources

An efficient support system for the development of different areas of a website adds fuel to the fire of success for the business. Hire Dedicated Resources at Live Pages to make the most of professional yet affordable web/mobile application development services, solutions and products.

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Software Asset Management

Businesses looking to reclaim budget and maximize their savings need to use just the right business strategy. Our Software Asset Management is involved in dynamic control, automatic procurement, active management and deployment of software licenses.

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Web Consultancy

The common goal of all businesses is to improve their web presence, increased influx of online enquiries and lead conversion. Live Pages' Web Consultancy service offers highly functional and well-designed web solutions within your means.

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